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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster,
Melinda is a talk show host for RMN Radio News, a columnist for the Lone Star Iconoclast, an author and author.  
Rayelan Allan, RMN Director
RAYELAN ALLAN is the Publisher of Rumor Mill News, one of the most popular and oldest of the alternative news web sites. Started in 1996 as a print magazine, it has become a worldwide network with more than 150 journalists and commentators from all walks of life, ages and countries. It covers every conceivable topic of interest to humans. Readers are from all walks of life and range in age from 16 to 96. A feature section, called Citizen Reporters, makes it possible for ANYONE to become a contributor.

Rayelan was married to Gunther Russbacher, ONI, CIA; a whistleblower who said that, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1980, GHW Bush worked a deal with the Iranian government to hold the American hostages until after the election. The percentage difference between Carter and Reagan was so slim that if Carter had freed the hostages, he would have been re-elected. Captain Russbacher, USN claimed that he personally flew the military jet that transported Bush to a Paris meeting with the Iranian heads of state.

Rayelan had known Russbacher for over 13 years when they married. But she didn’t know he was CIA and was one of the October Surprise conspirators. He didn’t know she was working with a team of investigators to uncover the October Surprise, the name for the operation that delayed the release of the hostage.


Russbacher subsequently was imprisoned. During his four years in American prisons, Rayelan traveled the country giving lectures and making radio and television appearances to keep the spotlight of public attention focused on him to keep him from being murdered in prison.  

Rayelan is an English teacher by profession and is the author of THE OBERGON CHRONICLES and DIANA, QUEEN OF HEAVEN, The New World Religion. In the 1980s, she hosted a talk show on the Monterey. She nowhosts two days a week.

Her fascination was and still is the Knights Templars and other secret societies. She has lectured at Manly Hall's Philosophical Research Society, the U.N, and on Capitol Hill.
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