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   Neurofeedback is now in routine usage throughout the United States as well as abroad.  For conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it works to alleviate symptoms in a relatively short period of time.  

​              Neurofeedback ADHD                                   Neurofeedback PTSD                     Neurofeedback longer presentation

   We provide background from a variety of sources.  The technology has been used in a variety of settings and proven itself over a period of decades.  It has been approved for use by the FDA.  It cannot harm the individual receiving treatment. No pharmaceuticals are involved.  

From EHow - History of Neurofeedback -Time Line and further links
From Peak Mind in Great Britain - History of Neurofeedback
About Neurofeedback - A Short History   

How is it used today    

Common CNS symptoms that are commonly reported as clinically responsive to neurofeedback:

  •   ADD/ADHD, Attention Problems
  •   Conduct Disorders, Oppositional Behavior
  •   Behavior disorders
  •   Depression, Mood Regulation
  •   Affect regulation disorders
  •   Bipolar Disorder
  •   Anxiety Disorders
  •   Panic Attacks
  •   PTSD
  •   Insomnia, Frequent waking
  •   Restless Leg
  •   Bruxism
  •   Migraines
  •   Chronic Pain
  •   Seizures
  •   Learning Disabilities
  •   Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  •   Autism, Rumination
  •   Obsessive Compulsive, Rumination
  •   TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
  •   Tourette's Syndrome
  •   Peak Performance
  •   Anger, Rage
  •   Substance Abuse

​Providing Neurofeedback for your area

One of the major expenses to providing neurofeedback is the personnel, or 'trainer.'  After examining many of the existing suppliers of technology we found Zengar to be the most responsive to providing training to people who would, essentially, be using their unit to treat people at low cost.  Their unit is affordable and the company provides good support.  

Contact us for assistance for setting up your local program using Zengar technology.